Friday, September 15, 2006

This Is The Kit @ Paris

Don’t try to understand under which name Kate Stables played last Tuesday as the support band of Vetiver in Paris. Was it Kate Stables solo, or banjo Kate and juke-box Jesse aka 2 Wooden Spoons or Kate Stables and Jesse d Vernon from Morningstar Project? Or was it just This Is the Kit as she introduced herself to me? Can’t say exactly, so let’s consider that we heard This Is the Kit.
Anyway, that was a very pleasant surprise last Tuesday to hear This Is The Kit before Vetiver started to play. Kate Stables, born in Winchester, England, currently lives in Paris. She plays guitar, banjo, has a nice voice and writes pretty songs like Two Wooden Spoons. The audience gave a very warm response to her music so she had to come back for an encore that she didn’t expect. Kate Stables also likes to draw or paint as well as taking pictures of birds… She is now working on releasing an album with
Microbe Records sometime in 2007. Go to This Is The Kit Websites to find tour dates and more information.

I found this live session of This is the Kit on Magz Hall’s You Are Hear Show on Resonance 104.4 FM on Jan 9th 2006:
This Is The Kit - Live Session .mp3

Another live performance:
This Is The Kit - Wednesday .mp3

Photo: Katy


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