Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Black Heart Procession crossed Paris

The first time I saw The Black Heart Procession was in November 2000 inside a Chinese junk called La Guinguette Pirate. It was right after the released of Three. The junk moored on the Seine River in the east part of Paris and was transformed in a concert hall, bar and restaurant. For years, lots of interesting bands stopped by at the Guinguette Pirate like Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Arab Strap, Laura Viers, Sleater-Kinney… The problem with this venue was the comfort: not much space, no real stage, a poor sound system and sometimes the pitching of the boat. I remember Lauren Hoffman escaping the stage at the end of her show because of seasick. So, concerning The Black Heart Procession, it was good to hear them for sure at that time except that I don’t even remember seeing them particularly Pall Jenkins when he was sitting playing his saw.

But, Monday evening (May 29) at La Maroquinerie, still in Paris, the sound was much better, there was a real stage and everybody could watch them without ache. The venue was almost full but not packed, let say something like 350 peoples. Lots of girls...

The Black Heart Procession, ex Three Mile Pilot, started to play in 1997 in San Diego. Since, they released 5 albums; the last one The Spell came out early this month (
Touch and Go).

To come back to last Monday, once again they performed a strong show. The setlist (not available at this time) covered old and new songs with that unique sound of them: moody waltz, pounding midtempo rhythms that draw dark and spectral landscapes. The audience followed in procession the voice of Allan Jenkins, the multi-instrumentalist Tobias Nathaniel and the other members of BHP. A slow journey through a melancholic territory. If you add to that atmosphere special guests on stage like few bottles of French red wine shared by the musicians you have the exact picture of a very warm and comfortable evening for everybody especially for Allan Jenkins and his friends.

This summer, they will tour USA (go to BHP MySpace for more details). Don’t miss them!

Photo Robert Gil:


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