Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Neil Young & Pearl Jam - Throw Your Weapons Down

One thing for sure is that Neil Young is not rusting at all. At the age of 61, next November, and after 40 years of a prolific career, the Loner is still on the road.
Last week, he was on stage with some of his friends like Devandra Banhart, Bert Jansch, The Foo Fighters, Brian Wilson, and others, for the 20th Bridge School Benefit. Below you’ll find a live performance of Neil Young with Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam playing an acoustic version of Throw Your Hatred Down a song that was recorded in 1995 for the album Mirror Ball. Don’t ask me the source of that recording, I received the link yesterday, it probably came from someone from Holland who was at the show in California. Don’t expect too much but it’s worth seeing it.
By the way, you will be able to download the Bridge School Benefit concerts for Christmas. Tracks from your favorite artists from the first twenty years of the Bridge School concerts will be available exclusively on I-Tunes (November 14, 2006)… stay tuned.

Also, as has been reported recently here on Leaky Sparrow, the first installment of the legendary Archives is scheduled for November 14, 2006 with Live at the Fillmore East from the March 6, 1970 early show's 2nd half electric set.

And, if you have some money left, Living With War will be released in a new CD/DVD version that will include the original mixes done the day of each session. These raw mixes do not include the choir that was added in L.A. the week after the original recordings were done. These recordings are not remixed. Included in the new set is a DVD of all 10 of the videos done in the
Living With War network form, as well as all 10 of the documentary videos of the original sessions. These Living With War documentary videos show the choir and the sessions, day by day, as the project was evolving.
The Raw version In the Beginning is a separate CD within the package. This new LWW package, including the Raw CD and the DVD of the videos, with a new cover featuring art by Amber Young, will be released in December (In the Beginning will be released on I-Tunes in early November).
More information and videos here:

Well, Long May You Run, Neil!

Web: bridgeschool.org

Sorry, looks like that link is dead. Try this latter... who knows: http://www.xs4all.nl/~rdvdijk/bsb20/

Neil Young & Pearl Jam - Downtown .mp3

Photo Neil Young and Pearl Jam – Bridge School Benefit, 2006:


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