Friday, July 13, 2007


I have been silent for the last two weeks… and I'm glad to be back. I moved from one flat to a new one. I was really busy - packing-unpacking - and no Internet during seven days. I’m sure you had time to discover new music inside the blog community. Epic45 new CD is something that I was waiting for.

May Your Heart Be The Map, Epic45's first full-length album of new material in three years (June 2007 on
Make Mine Music). Acoustic guitars are more prominent and there is more emphasis on vocal harmonies, but this is still trademark Epic45 - the hazy nostalgia and longing of their previous releases are still very much in evidence, as are the glitchy electronics and chiming guitars.


Epic45 - Winterbirds .mp3 via Green Clothes
Epic45 - Drakelow .mp3
Epic45 - Motorway Journey .mp3

Elma - Seven .mp3

Do you like list? Epic45 could be in that one (via

• Day One (GB, 2000)
• U2 (Ireland, since 1976)
• 3 Colours Red (GB, 1995-1999 & 2002-2005)
• Gang of Four (GB, 1976-1984)
• The Jackson Five (USA, 1962-1990)
• Six Organs of Admittance (USA, since 1998)
• Shed Seven (GB, 1990-2003)
• Lisa Germano & OP8 (USA, 1997)
• Nine Inch Nails (USA, since 1988)
• 10cc (GB, 1972-1995)
• Finger Eleven (Canada, since 1994)
• Les 12 Salopards (France, since 1996)
• Calle 13 (Porto-Rico, since 2005)
• Fourteen Iced Bears (GB, 1985-1991)
• Fifteen (USA, 1989-2000)
• Sixteen Horsepower (USA, 1992-2005)
• Heaven 17 (GB, since 1980)
• Junction 18 (USA, since 2000)
• Drop Nineteens (USA, 1991-1995)
• 20 Minute Loop (USA, since 1997)
• 32 Leaves (USA, since 2004)
• Level 42 (GB, since 1980)
• 50 Cent (USA, since 1998)
• The B52’s (USA, 1976-1994, since 1998)
• Ludwig von 88 (France, 1983-2001)
• Galaxie 500 (USA, 1986-1991)
• One Thousand Violins (GB, 1985-1989)
• Eleven Hundred Springs (USA, since 1998)
• Nineteen Forty-Five (USA, since 2001)
• 10,000 Maniacs (USA, 1981-2001, 2002-2006)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 people posting on epic45 recently...
A bit too cold/urban for me.
I like July Skies better !

9:11 PM  
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It is a fantastic record, the band is also quite good.

11:23 PM  
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