Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gov't Mule - Rockpalast: Classic Rocknacht

Last week-end I missed the Villette Sonique Festival in Paris which gave the rare opportunity to listen live to some new songs from the forthcoming CD from Mum and also invited for free the Parisians to enjoy the outdoor showcases from Zëro, Jens Lekman, Poni, Shit And Shine, Polysics and Uffie feat. DJ Feadz. Anyone of you was there?
Instead, I was in Cologne for something totally different. Sunday at the Palladium was held a
Rockpalast evening called Classic Rocknacht. Rockpalast is a German rock music TV show (and probably one of the greatest rock TV show in the world!) which broadcasts live! From 5 pm to almost 2 am, 6 southern rock oriented bands played live and loud! It was quiet an experience.
When I arrived the young guys from
The Answer (UK) were already on stage to deliver some classic rock and roll à la Led Zeppelin. Next, arrived Point Blank (USA) a southern music rock band whose first record came out in 1976. No time to breathe and it was the turn of the Devon Allman's Honeytribe (USA). Devon is Gregg Allman’ son and you could feel the influence of his dad on his playing and also in his look. Honestly, I was not so impress by his performance. I took a break for an hour and missed the humour and the bluegrass from Hayseed Dixie (USA). After, I tried to watch the Golden Earring (NL) show but my lack of knowledge about this very popular band here who started to play in 1964 didn’t help me to stay during the complete set. Sorry guys!
At last but not least Gov’t Mule (USA), the band I was here for. The leader, Warren Haynes, is a legendary guitarist who played with the Allman Brothers 15 years ago before he formed Gov’t Mule in 1995. Whatever you think about southern rock bands, this one is great and must see it live. Four strong musicians with no fancy trick on stage, they’re here just for the music and the pleasure to share it with the audience. 2 hours and a half during which I stand in front of the stage forgetting that I was listening to loud music since the mid-afternoon and still wanting to hear more. Thanks Mister Haynes.
The entire show from Gov’t Mule and the Rockpalast evening will be broadcast on
WDR Fernsehen Saturday June 30th and Saturday July 7th.


Gov't Mule - You've Got To Hide You're Love Away .mp3 - Live at The Fillmore (11/15/2003) via glidemagazine.com
Warren Haynes - It Hurts Me Too .mp3
Lauren Shera - Don't Think Twice It's Alright .mp3 (select Lauren Live + Go) - Live at The Music of Bob Dylan Tribute this past November in New York city, featuring Warren Haynes on guitar (laurenshera.com)

The Answer - So Cold .mp3
Golden Earring - Going To the Run .mp3

Photo: Gov’t Mule – Thanks to Alexander



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