Friday, May 18, 2007

Charalambides Are In Town

Charalambides, what a strange name again for a band!?! During an interview with Christina and Tom Carter for Ascent Magazine, Robyn Fadden explained that their name, pronounced Char-a-lam-ba-deez, the name of a former record shop customer but chosen for the way it looked and sounded, reflects the life of their music: “It was definitely intentional to have a name that didn’t bring to mind an object, that didn’t make the ‘band’ or music an object. Charalambides isn’t a thing; it isn’t an unchanging thing.” says Christina Carter.
Charalambides is a duo or a trio (it depends) from Texas. Since 15 years, they are creative musicians performing extended guitar and voice compositions and improvisations. The music from Charalambides is a collection of dreamy, kaleidoscopic drones, utilizing volume, space, silence, folk and psychedelia, and the scrape and hiss of steel on steel. Like Marcus Boon wrote in The Wire: "... here is a truly 21st century experimental ethnic music that explores quietness and stasis... in the same way that musicians in the second half of the 20th century discovered amplification, noise and speed."
Charalambides are in town tonight with Jana Hunter (
web) and Tara Jane O’Neil (web). Don’t miss them if you’re around! More tour dates in Europe and Canada/US here.


Charalambides - Spring .mp3 via Plasticmusic
Charalambides - Rehearsal .mp3 via Plasticmusic
Charalambides - Two Birds .mp3

Jana Hunter - Valkyries .mp3 from There’s No Home (April 2007, Gnomonsong)
Jana Hunter - The New Sane Scramble .mp3 via Everything Is Fire

Tara Jane O'Neil - Poisoned Mine .mp3
Tara Jane O'Neil - Blue Light Room .mp3 from In Circles (2006 Touch and Go)

Laurent Orseau



Anonymous lyle said...

I so wanted to go, but I won't...
Aaarrrggghhhh !
Tell us how it was !

2:08 PM  
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