Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jessica Bailiff At Home

I must confess that I don’t know much about Jessica Bailiff except that when she start playing music in 1994, she was very close to the Duluth people of Low especially Alan Sparhawk (read Leaky Sparrow Low Solo). Also, because of that, I was not surprise to find her doing a foggy version of Down on We Could Live In Hope: Tribute to Low, Fractured Discs, in 2004. That is why it’s enough for me to mention her forthcoming album.
Available on July 25th is
Feels Like Home, the fourth solo release from Jessica Bailiff. It's the first full length of solo material from Jessica in 4 years but she's been doing anything but taking a break - as the official biography says. Feels Like Home balances the more acoustic approach to Jessica's songwriting on her most recent (untitled) album with the blissed electricity found on her earlier material.

Lakeside Blues is the latest free MP3 from
Kranky and it comes from the forthcoming Jessica Bailiff release, Feels Like Home.


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